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  • This year started out great: with an exclusive event in a relaxed atmosphere on relevant topics. The first CHANGE SESSION featuring superb speakers brought together top-class guests from creative and technology companies, various of our customers and influential e-commerce decision-makers at the Borselhof, encouraging a lively exchange of ideas. We would like to thank our speakers and guests for a great evening with exciting insights, controversial contributions, inspirational impulses and delicious food. We are already looking forward to CHANGE SESSION #2.


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  • What are the most successful strategies for digitization? How is communication with the customer changing? And what is the meaning of Code & Data?

  • Today, GAFA economics and the Internet of Things dominate the discussion, and in the foreseeable future artificial intelligence, virtual reality and voice control will have a major impact on people's everyday lives. Such trends are fundamentally changing the world of retail and marketing in particular. 
    In the Age of the Customer, the customers have taken the helm – and the paths to reach them have changed fundamentally. This is why the focus of our work is always on people – as customers, consumers and users. 


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    Heinrich Paravicini
    Co-Founder and Manager of MUTABOR

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    Cornelia Szauer
    Head of Digital D/A/CH, Philips GmbH

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    Thorsten Schapmann
    Head of Digital Marketing NIVEA, Beiersdorf AG 

  • 02_Speaker_04.jpg

    Boris Lokschin
    CEO and Co-Founder SPRYKER Systems


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    Heinrich Paravicini: The power of Identity. Über die neue Kraft von Identität in der digitalen Gesellschaft.

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    Boris Lokschin: Innovate or die - 5 best practices on how to follow the money
    Subtitled Version will follow soon! 

Time flies, a year passes quickly, and all of a sudden it's time for Change Session #2. You don't want to miss the next session? No problem – we will send you a reminder as soon as registration for the second round begins. Just sign up here and know in time.

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