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  • On the 5th of July the Forward Festival will take place in Hamburg for the first time. The best international and local creative minds offer exciting insights into your success secrets and invite you to an exchange.

    In addition to being an exhibitor on-site, superReal offers young UX professionals the opportunity to get to know the basics design system and apply it to complex projects in a well-founded workshop.

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  • Embrace Modularity. Craft Design Systems.

  • In recent years, our work has become more complex. The user experience must succeed on more screens, more places, and more devices than ever before.

    To meet this challenge, Design Systems provide a consistent visual language and a coherent whole of patterns. By breaking down components into tiny parts, we create a flexible but connected user experience.

    Designers save time by not worrying about details every time a digital product gets or gets new features and the interdisciplinary team can develop a much more efficient and faster workflow. This approach gives us completely new opportunities to collaborate in design projects.

  • Workshop on Thursday, July 5th, 13:00 to 15:00 at the Millentor Stadium

  • The workshop introduces design systems, their benefits and challenges. To illustrate the theoretical part, superReal will present a design system based on a real case and realized in Sketch according to the rules of Atomic Design.

    All attendees are invited to download a sample sketch file for easy access to their own design system project.

    In this workshop, (young) UX professionals can get in touch with Design Systems and acquire the theoretical foundations for launching their first online project based on a design system. The topic is also of interest to art directors, front-end developers, or project managers at all levels who work with UX designers. Advanced professionals are invited to share their experiences with Design Systems and participate in the discussion.

    Ticket holders and non-ticket holders can attend the workshop.

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