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    The future trade is shaped by customers. And they are using all channels since some time.

  • Understanding Customers

  • The expansion of sales channels and the creation of an overarching consumer world – without borders and in the intersection of design, usability and technic – is the formula to stay successful on the market. Anywhere, anytime: this brings more revenue, encourages the brand and enhances the customer loyalty.
    The digitisation changes consumers and their shopping behaviour. Thus, completely new customer jouneys emerge and the borders between the individual toupoints become blurred. Consumers search for products mobile, buy them in store, wish a transport to their home and want to return them online. Customers today expect offline as online the same shopping experiene.

    The answer to these developments is called: omnichannel, cross-channel or seamless-commerce. They put he costumer in the centre and loose him from the sales channels

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  • Realising Benefits

  • Omnichannel should be part of every distribution strategy. Not only because customers expect the usage of omnichannel, but trades can profit from it: The cross- and upselling-potential rises and therfore the revenue, the brand awareness improves and the customer loyality strengthens.

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  • Digital POS

  • Omnichannel include every common sales and communication channels and therefore online, mobile, social and instore. It is essential to look at the sales processes from the customers perspective, to handle the complete diversity and create a consistent consumer world.

    Therefore services are necessary like click & collect, shop & ship, showrooming, kiosk- and information systems, shopping apps, digital signage. Traders do not necessarily need every service. The aim is to generate a cost-effective added value for every client – important are the ‚quick wins’. 

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  • Successful realisation

  • Traders with a great franchise network are basically facing different challenges as individual local stores with an online outlet. Depending on their requirements profile, existing IT architecture and company structure, we determine the most fitting omnichannel strategy in the interplay between tecnology, processes, human ressources and data for our clients.

    • channel-, segment- and touchpoint-general
    • real-time-function (marketing-, logistic-, master and transaction data)
    • user data aggregation possibility (e.g. CRM)
    • variety of interfaces (e.g. RECO, PIM, ERP, email marketing)

    Definition and implementation omnichannel-suitable processes:

    • fulfillment
    • customer-, order-, content management
    • analysis
    • quality assurance
    Human Ressources
    • create employees’ acceptance and technological know-how
    • introduction of new provision and incentive model

    Introduction of single-customer-real-time-views

    • user data aggregation (profiling, customer-jouneys, transactions, UGC)
    • aimed channel specific adress including relevant  content
    • data centralisation (customer data, article master data, stock and transaction data
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