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    We are a digital manufactory. We don’t believe there are simple solutions for successful e-commerce. Our work always stands out for its unerring brand presence, eye for detail and perfect programming.

  • S.Oliver_App.jpg
  • App Konzept & Design
    s.Oliver Fashion App
  • Personal shopping assistant and not just any old app – the new s.Oliver Fashion App blurs the boundaries between online and offline, accompanying customers on their very own personal shopping trips. 

  • GolfinoV2.jpg
  • E-Commerce / Replatforming
    Golfino - A new shopping experience
  • In kürzester Zeit hochgesteckte Ziele erreichen - mit dem richtigen Partner und effizientem Projektmanagement kein Problem. Rechtzeitig zur neuen Golfsaison im April 2018 ging der Marktführer für Golf- und Sportbekleidung mit einem neuen Shop an den Start.  

  • Brax.jpg
  • Digital Branding, E-commerce
  • For decades, BRAX has stood for smart and stylish outfits. To get an extended target group excited about the brand, it was time for a completely new digital structure of the online shop.

  • MOP.jpg
  • e-commerce, digital branding
    Marc O`Polo
  • The online shop is the central touchpoint within the customer journey. Our mission: A re-design meeting the requirements of the Marc O' Polo brand as a leading premium casual lifestyle brand in every detail. 

  • Hardeck.jpg
  • digitalisation, e-commerce
  • From 0 to 100 in two steps with superReal and Spryker. The result: an impressive shopping experience and ultra fast performance. 

  • Tom_Tailor.jpg
  • E-Commerce / Replatforming
  • If you hold the reins yourself, you perform better. superReal and Spryker help Tom Tailor to an independent digital future.

  • Schumacher.jpg
  • E-Commerce, digital branding
    Dorothee Schumacher
  • Shopware and React - an irresistable connection. As well as our relaunch for Dorothee Schumacher. 

  • Weber.jpg
  • International campaign management
  • With branches in over 40 countries and the industry’s most comprehensive range of products and services, this US company is THE brand for barbecues – and now that includes online.

  • Paul_Hewitt.jpg
  • e-Commerce B2B and B2C
    Paul Hewitt
  • Good ideas sometimes grow faster than expected. That’s not a problem if you can respond quickly and flexibly using the right platform and new channels for B2B and B2C

  • Triangle.jpg
  • e-Commerce / Digital branding
  • TRIANGLE was created as an s.Oliver Group brand, but the time had come to strengthen its own independent profile. As a feminine fashion brand with a superb fit, TRIANGLE places special emphasis on top-level consulting. 

  • sOliverFusion.jpg
  • Nivea-V1.jpg
  • Digital Branding, Content Creation
  • superReal has become the NIVEA brand’s digital agency in Germany.

  • Adidas.jpg
  • Campaign / Corporate Website
  • For the launch of the new Adidas football boot models, which will be worn during the 2016 European Championship, adidas presents a prize draw campaign.

  • Qs-Projektubersichtseite.jpg
  • E-Commerce
    Q/S designed by
  • Launch of the online store for “Q/S designed by”, the casual brand from the s.Oliver Group.

  • Hessnatur.jpg
  • digital branding / e-commerce
  • We are supporting the world’s leading brand in the area of ecologically compatible and socially acceptable fashion and home textiles with its repositioning as a modern fashion and lifestyle brand.

  • Tamaris.jpg
  • E-Commerce
  • The major European women’s footwear brand launches its first own-brand online shop.

  • Bench-V1.jpg
  • E-Commerce / Digital Branding
  • The international fashion and lifestyle brand Bench has relaunched its website with a completely revamped brand profile and online store.

  • Liebeskind-V2.jpg
  • E-Commerce / Digital Branding
  • Inspiring – modern – emotional: now you can sense the spirit of the capital at every click. The new Liebeskind Berlin online shop is live.

  • AWG-V1.jpg
  • E-Commerce / Mobile
  • Shop yourself happy in AWG Mode’s completely revamped online store.

  • GeliebtesZuhauseV7.jpg
  • E-Commerce / Digital Branding
    Geliebtes Zuhause
  • Geliebtes Zuhause, the successful online store portal for design, homes and lifestyle, presents a new look and a comprehensive website relaunch.

  • AppelrathCuepper.jpg
  • E-Commerce / PIM
  • superReal launches online store for AppelrathCüpper. The premium women’s fashion retail brand is launching a new, comprehensive online store.

  • ClosedV1.jpg
  • E-Commerce / Corporate Website
  • We have been presenting CLOSED in a new guise each season since 2003, creating classic corporate sites and, since 2007, award-winning e-commerce as well.

  • LT-V1.jpg
  • E-Commerce
    Lehmann Trub
  • Lehmann Trub, a leading manufacturer of high-quality mechanical components, has launched an all-new online store.

  • TalbotRunhofV3.jpg
  • E-Commerce / Corporate Website
    Talbot Runhof
  • The premium fashion label TALBOT RUNHOF is celebrating the launch of its online shop.

  • Schutempel-V1.jpg
  • E-Commerce
  • Quicker, slicker, wider ranging: Schuhtempel24, one of Germany’s largest online shops for fashionable and affordable women’s shoes and handbags, has unveiled its completely redesigned online shop.

  • ROS.jpg
  • Snap up something chic: at northern Germany’s first outlet centre for international premium fashion, lifestyle and living brands.

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