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  • For decades Brax has stood for smart and stylish outfits. It was time for a comprehensive digital realignment of the online shop so that an expanded target group would be enthusiastic about the brand.

    User experience
    Interface design
    Front-end development
    Back-end development

    Concept and user experience: 1
    Art direction and interface design: 4
    Software development: 4
    Project management: 1

    6 months

    IBM Websphere Commerce



    Founded in 1888 by Bernward Leineweber GmbH in Berlin, Brax has been
    established as a trousers specialist since the 1950s. Today, Brax is active with
    1,212 employees in five European countries and offers the entire range of
    premium, casual clothing. In 2009, their first online shop went live.

  • A new website for a strong brand

  • In 2016, Brax decided to restructure the brand and particularly the online shop with the aim of getting a younger target group excited about the brand in future, in addition to current customers. A change process which we supported as a digital
    agency of consultants, concept creators and designers as well as front-end developers.

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  • Tailored solutions together

  • The beginning of the project saw an intense review of the brand. Brax stands for high-quality clothing, which is characterised by perfect quality in production and fit. The perfect trousers continues to date to be the signature products of the now comprehensive range of items.

    We defined the target groups, analysed the product range and digitally transferred and expanded the new corporate design. Following this, the transfer of the corporate identity took place according to the principles of atomic design. A basis that paid off, as only in this way could all the elements, e.g. for the B2B area, be easily transferred and effectively leveraged.

    The interdisciplinary exchange of information and ideas between the client, concept, design and front-end team members beyond the overall project led to the development of a tailored and holistically thought-through solution.

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  • Fitting content: found intuitively and quickly – on all devices

  • A responsive, individually tailored framework  as well as a complete rework of the user navigation  ensures an inspiring shopping experience on all devices.

    A central touchpoint within the customer journey, the Brax online shop offers the world’s largest range and, particularly when it comes to trousers, a huge selection of fits, colours and sizes.

    A special Brax feature – the extensive fit and size consultant – allows for fast and secure purchasing decisions on the go thanks to the optimised user navigation and clearly structured product information.

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  • Agile in future

  • The new interface transports the brand values perfectly and enthuses customers for the brand with new features and content elements.

    With the modular design system, Brax can flexibly react to new requirements at all times and develop further in an agile manner. A solid basis for the ongoing process of change in e-commerce, with which Brax is fit for the future.

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