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  • One of our longest and most successful projects is the Closed online shop, which we redressed every season from 2003 to 2014. With classic corporate sites and above all with award-winning e-commerce.  Launch Site

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  • Fashion on the Internet is brought to life by pictures and galleries. Closed's website constantly surprises with new looks and innovations.

  • The Closed brand is sold in around 1,500 owner-managed, high-quality retail stores and, increasingly, in its own shops in Europe, Asia and South Africa. Since the beginning of the 1980s, the Closed brand has been bridging the gap between designer brands and basic labels. Today, the fashion label stands for sophisticated casual wear, creating fashion for people who want to wear the latest trends every day.

    Software used:

    • E-Commerce Plattform: OXID eShop Enterprise Edition
    • E-Mail Marketing System: Emarsys
    superReal products:

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  • Online marketing moves with the times. But success is only guaranteed if good, up-to-the-minute style is presented equally à la mode.

  • Corporate sites since 2003

    All corporate websites rely on large-format images. The visual motif is the star of the site and all navigation elements play a subordinate role to it. However, there is no shortage of interactivity and even ‘fast clickers’ quickly reach their goal. Cross-linking to the online shop goes without saying.

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  • The Closed sites regularly receive awards. The current shop, for instance, has been given the Internet World Business Award and the OXID Best Solution Award 2012.

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