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  • Golfino – A new shopping experience

    A change of platform and a completely new, agile online shop in next to no time.

  • Elegance, agility and performance

  • You can achieve ambitious goals in the shortest possible time – if you choose the right partner and use efficient methods. Within just 4 months and right in time for the new golf season in April 2018, we launched the market leader in the segment of elegant and stylish golf and sportswear with a new shop, including platform change from Magento to Shopware and all interfaces to third-party systems (including SAP via iMan, Salesforce and emarsys). 

    Our qualifications in technical conception and implementation, as well as our commitment to excellent user experience and design, have convinced Golfino to have found the right partner for their ambitious project.

    Digital branding
    User experience design
    Interface design
    Software development
    Analysis & testing

    Creative direction: 1
    User experience design: 2
    Interface design: 3
    Software development: 6
    Analysis & testing: 2

    4 month

    Shopware 5.3

    Honico iMan (SAP)
    Zendesk (support ticket tool for service requests)
    metaways (hosting)
    Cloudfront (CDN for image delivery)
    Payone (PSP)

    The European market leader for golf apparel and high-quality outfits in the sports and leisurewear sector is now present in over 10 countries with 35 of its own shops and more than 500 shop-in-shops.  Founded in 1986 by Christel and Bernd Kirsten, the family business has a workforce of 250.


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  • MVP+.png

  • Minimal viable product – Maximal viable design

    Although the redesign was very close to the Shopware standard, it was also an important step forward. Functional icons were developed especially for the new shop and some of them were even adopted for the labels in the retail sector. In the meantime, the Golfino Shop has arrived not only technically and UX-sided in the age of digital transformation, but also visually.
  • CI_DIO.jpg
  • Icon_DIO.png
  • Less is faster. Faster is more.

  • To create a stable shop foundation within a 4-month timeframe, close collaboration was essential. Joint story writing and the strict pursuit of an MVP approach generated extremely high productivity and ensured that the replatforming and development of the shop's foundation were completed in just 4 months.


  • Consistently implemented – consistently successful: Scrum


  • The whole project was consistently implemented according to the Scrum method. MVP, in this case, was not just a vision but was consistently applied and supported by the customer and superReal. 

    But after MVP is before MVP II – which will follow now, directly after the Launch. We are looking forward to it.

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