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  • Lehmann Trub, a leading manufacturer of high-quality mechanical components, has launched an all-new online store. Launch Site

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  • The comprehensive relaunch of the online store provides Lehmann Trub’s customers with numerous new features that make their shopping experience, covering a range of over 20,000 products, simpler, more informative and more visually appealing.

  • Lehmann Trub is a family-owned business, founded in 1944 and based in Trub, Switzerland. The company’s core area of expertise is the manufacture of high-precision mechanical components that meet the highest of standards.

    In addition, over the past four decades Lehmann Trub has expanded into manufacturing and selling appliances and machinery for agriculture and forestry.

    The sophisticated, state-of-the-art relaunch of the online store features fully responsive web design. In addition to producing new product lists and detailed pages, a cutting-edge interface for the existing ERP Sage system was developed that enables features such as real-time enquiries.

    In order to make bulk prices available for various B2C/B2B consumer groups, a rights management system with views and price groups was programmed for different user groups. In addition to standard product lists, exploded views are available for many store categories, making it intuitive to find and buy corresponding products. The store functions are supplemented by high-performance search with autosuggest, fault tolerance and comprehensive filter functions.

    Additional highlights include the implementation of a prepayment system and individual delivery cost rules based on product features.

    Software and superReal products used:

    • OXID Enterprise Edition 
    • sR CMS
    • sR Catalog
    • sR Search
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