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  • New design guidelines for the successful fashion brand with a premium look & feel and a modern, high-performance online shop.


  • The online shop as a central touchpoint in Marc O' Polo's customer journey

  • In the rapidly expanding and innovation-driven e-commerce market, the Marc O' Polo Brand Shop with more than 6.5 million visitors is the most important touchpoint in the customer journey. The requirements are correspondingly high: the largest product selection, informative content such as fit guides, sizes and material descriptions and a stimulating design that inspires customers as well as potential customers and enables them to immerse themselves in the brand world. 


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    Digital Strategy
    Digital Branding
    IT Consulting
    User Experience Design 
    Interface Design 
    Content Marketing

    12 month

  • TEAM
    Concept & Strategy: 2
    Creative Direction: 1
    Art Direction: 2
    IT Consulting: 1 
    Content: 1



    • foundet 1967 in Stockholm
    • today based in Germany
    • 1.800 employee worldwide
    • represented within 30 countries worldwide

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  • Two partners – one vision

  • With superReal, MARC O' POLO has found a partner with strong design and conceptual skills to define the basis for the brand's realignment in a joint design direction phase and to transfer it to UX and interface design.  

    The vision: To change something, you have to break new ground.

    In a two-month design direction phase, superReal and MARC O' POLO jointly developed a new online CI as well as a comprehensive relaunch strategy on location in Stephanskirchen.

    The goal: a redesign meeting the brand's requirements
    and representing Marc O' Polo as a leading premium casual lifestyle brand down to the last detail. 

    In addition: to create an optimised user experience in order to ensure that the purchase runs smoothly and uncomplicatedly, regardless of the end device. This should also increase the conversion rate of existing customers ("friends" & loyalty program members) and attract new customers. 

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  • Individual approach, customer centricity and mobile first

  • Based on their buying and interaction behaviour, relevant content, products and services are displayed to the customers. First, new customers are emotionally addressed through high-quality brand content and are simultaneously made familiar with the product ranges. Among other things, we have developed individual theme and content modules for this purpose.

    The smart and streamlined design makes it possible to find one's way around the site immediately on the first visit. We attached great importance to the site's optimisation for mobile devices. The quick buy solution completes the mobile shopping experience.

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  • Shopping experience at its best

  • The result: a modern online shop with a unique premium look and feel which is based on technical improvements and, above all, mobile optimisation. In addition to the product focus, the new online shop is more customer-centric and separates, for example, the main navigation between the women's and men's sections. A shopping experience representing the MARC O' POLO brand and inspiring its customers time and again.

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