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  • Good ideas sometimes grow faster than expected. That’s not a problem if you can respond quickly and flexibly using the right platform and new channels for B2B and B2C.  Launch Site

  • From Northern German start-up to global player

  • In the beginning there was a man and a watch. Soon his start-up had become a flourishing enterprise represented on the global market, in Asia as well as the US. At a certain point, the business reached its time and technology limits and needed new channels for B2B and B2C.

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  • Time to make a move – from XT-Commerce to Shopware. Consider it done. But for Paul Hewitt it’s never just about perfect technology, it’s about design and optimal usability. A new list purchasing feature was added in the B2B area, and an armband configurator in B2C – to name just two things. Good-looking, functional, easy to operate. But the project management had to be improved as well, in close collaboration with Paul Hewitt, using the SCRUM framework "by the book". It’s an agile and above all highly successful and efficient way of working – for both parties. Now, nothing can stand in the way of growth.

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  • Technologies used:

    • Shop technology: Shopware Version 5.2
    • ERPs: Whiplash (for the US) und WaWision (for the rest of the world) 
    • Content management: squarelovin  
    • PSP: Payone und Payolution 
    • Newsletter system: Cleverreach


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