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  • The digitalisation of the home and interior sector is still in the process of taking off and posing huge challenges for the traditional furniture retail business.  Launch Site

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  • Getting ready for e-commerce with superReal and Spryker

  • In superReal, Hardeck has found an experienced and, at the same time, innovative partner for the concept creation and development of its e-commerce platform. 

  • The reason is the path to a successful e-commerce strategy, which includes coping with numerous issues: complex article data structures such as configurable bundle products (home living landscapes, kitchens), comprehensive rules set for types of shipping and services, reliable identification of delivery times for ordered goods, as well as availability in the shop and returns handling – to name just a few. 

    Back in summer 2017, for the initial release, Hardeck went into its 80th jubilee year with a new online look and feel and extensive digital product catalogue, which created desire among customers, making them want more. 

    In February 2018, the launch of the actual online shop followed and has since been continually expanded. 

    Consulting and IT architecture
    User experience
    Art direction and interface design
    Front-end development
    Back-end development

    Development: 15
    Concept and IT architecture: 3
    Art direction: 3
    Project management: 2

    12 months

    Spryker Commerce OS


    In 1937, Karl and Aenne Hardeck founded a furniture shop in Bochum, Germany. Today, Hardeck has four shops: in Bochum, Bramsche, Hilden and Senden. More than 160,000 sqare metres in total shop space make Hardeck one of the ten largest furniture shops in Germany today. 

    Just in time for their 80th anniversary, Hardeck launched a new website. The online shop followed in February 2018.

  • With our second Spryker project, we have proven that Spryker’s architecture provides an outstanding basis for high-grade, individual solutions, which our demanding customers and we may and have to expect from an e-commerce platform. 

  • Today, data-driven innovation and continuous improvement are what count on the path to ultra-convenience at all customer touchpoints, every day.  
    To achieve this, adaptive technologies and a respectively high level of agile IT are required. superReal therefore once again expanded their IT department, in particular, over the last years and made it even more professional. 

    Only in this way could we satisfy the first scope of the project for Hardeck: concept creation and development of a high-performing, scalable and future-proof B2C e-commerce platform, which seamlessly integrates the existing IT infrastructure and helps to push forward the processes to be developed for the realisation of the online business. 

    This included vital work on the fundamentals, such as the design and implementation of an article data model which takes account of the complex product constellations and logically brings together the extensive heterogeneous databanks from both inventory control system and manufacturer sources. 
    Here, too, Spryker leveraged its strengths in supporting individual solution approaches. The result is stable, flexible processes of data integration – from inventory control systems to product information management (PIM) to the online shop. 

    Within this constellation, PIM plays a special role, as it is the central component for article data enhancement and transfer to the online shop and all further channels. 

    A Contentserv implementation partner, superReal is optimally positioned in this respect, too, and thus serves the entire stretch. 


  • "Performance first" for ultra-fast sales power 

  • An optimised page structure and short loading times have been part of usability KPIs on transactional websites for many years. So it comes as a surprise that a company can stand out from the competition in this respect today. 

  • Spryker’s architecture lays a solid foundation for this by rigorously decoupling front-end and back-end applications. By doing so, performance-critical access to the databank, among others, is reduced to a minimum, and the front-end data are delivered from a key value store in milliseconds. 

    Full-page caching, which is a highly complex process and occasionally used in legacy systems to compensate for low application performance, and which is often used at the expense of data that is not current or insufficient, can therefore be made redundant. 


    The demand for speed is complemented by our front-end development, which focuses on performance first. 

    In addition to numerous optimisation measures, a modular structure as well as on-demand loading for JavaScript (JS) and CSS files, in connection with HTTP/2, we completely avoid the use of JS frameworks and rely solely as well as largely reduced on native scripting.

    The integration of Cloudinary for the purpose of media management in the cloud and the outsourcing of image manipulation for performance and browser-optimised provision of responsive product images rounds out the full technical package with a performance focus. 


    Hardeck’s customers can now enjoy the result: top performance of the latest data – a must for time-controlled sales campaigns and dynamic pricing in the online shop. 

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