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  • Technology

    Technology has changed marketing radically. Very few marketing agencies master the development of software, while most IT companies know little about marketing. We know everything about efficient marketing driven by technological innovation.

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  • Spryker

    Spryker is a dynamic eCommerce framework built on a modular basis and is especially suitable for individual shop solutions. Drawing on the experience gained from more than 100 eCommerce projects across the world, Spryker has become the world’s most advanced eCommerce framework.

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  • Shopware

    The shopware AG is a german software manufacturer, developing online shop systems. Its core product Shopware 5, is an highly innovative and leading shop software for companies and online shops of any size.

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  • sales-force-01.svg
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    Salesforce Commerce is an enterprise eCommerce SaaS application for fashion, lifestyle and retail brands. Demandware Commerce was designed as a Cloud architecture and supports customers on the basis of a common code.

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  • contentserv-01.svg
  • Contentserv

    Contentserv is a software solution for product information management and digital asset management. This SaaS-based platform can be used to manage product data centrally for every touchpoint. Processes are accelerated and complex requirements simplified.

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  • E-Commerce Suite

    eCommerce Suite was developed in-house on the basis of the current OXID eSales Enterprise Version and offers products for more effective selling. Using one single platform, operators can quickly and intuitively amend their shops in order to respond to the challenges of the market.

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  • Emarsys

    Emarsys is an SaaS-based campaign platform for customer loyalty and dialogue-oriented eCommerce. By combining data science with pragmatic implementation, Emarsys can control customised campaigns through every channel.

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  • OXID eSales

    OXID eSales AG is a leading supplier of long-term multichannel eCommerce solutions and services. Its commercial open-source shop software integrates every kind of touchpoint such as webshops, mobile and point of sale (POS).

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  • Styla

    Styla is a content commerce suite that automatically designs your content and makes it shoppable, inspiring your customers to buy more.

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