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  • E-Commerce Suite

    The E-Commerce Suite offers products to boost sales. It makes it quick and intuitive for platform operators to alter their online store, allowing them to react to market challenges.

  • sR_ResponsiveFramework.svg
  • sR Responsive Framework

    The sR Responsive Framework is a conceptual and technological development based on the latest OXID eSales Enterprise version. All shop templates are provided in responsive design and enable highly efficient programming for individual e-commmerce platforms.

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  • sR_CMS.svg
  • sR CMS

    sR CMS is an extension for OXID eSales that allows any number of pages to be created and published. The pages can be put together in an intuitive manner without programming knowledge using a wide range of elements, such as text, images, videos or store products.

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  • sR_Catalog.svg
  • sR Catalog

    sR Catalog adds an interactive catalogue to the OXID store – with the option of a browsing version or a single-page version. This makes it easy and effortless to integrate classic advertising into the store, with interactive content for added value.

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  • sR_Performance.svg
  • sR Performance

    sR Performance improves the performance and set-up speed of list views. By using the Elasticsearch software technology, large quantities of data can be indexed and searched more quickly than with conventional relational databases.

  • sR_Search.svg
  • sR Search

    sR Search expands the OXID standard search with additional search functionality and increased performance. The real-time search provides suggested results in the form of products, categories and error corrections after just a few characters have been entered.

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  • sR_Outfit.svg
  • sR Outfits

    sR Outfits offers the option of combining several products into a single outfit and integrating it into the store. An overview page and a detailed page can be accessed for each outfit. The customer can select product variants and place them all in the shopping basket together.

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  • sR_StoreFinder.svg
  • sR Store Finder

    With sR Store Finder, users can find branches or retailers and POS information can be displayed. sR Store Finder is based on Google Maps. Contact details and information on opening hours, payment methods and available product ranges can be placed with search results.

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  • sR_Reminder.svg
  • sR Reminder

    If a product or product variant is unavailable, sR Reminder provides the option of being put on a waiting list. When the product is available again, customers are automatically notified. Optionally, alternative product recommendations can be sent or enquiries can be processed manually.

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  • sr-sorter.svg
  • sR Sorter

    sR Sorter offers a visual interface that allows products in a category to be sorted or products to be added/deleted. Products can be visually sorted into the correct order by means of drag and drop.

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  • sR-Merchant-Export.svg
  • sR Merchant Export

    sR Merchant Export generates product data exports so that products can be placed on external sales platforms such as Google Shopping or affiliate programmes.

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