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  • With content customers are inspired and achieved sales success.

  • About sR CMS

  • sR CMS is an extension for OXID eSales that allows any number of pages to be created and published. The pages can be put together in an intuitive manner without programming knowledge using a wide range of elements, such as text, images, videos or store products. An individual front-end layout ensures professional and structured display of the content.

    In addition, sR CMS includes a news and career module that allows overview and detailed pages to be created. In conjunction with the CMS modules sR Catalog and sR Store Finder, key e-commerce and content marketing requirements are met.

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  •   Benefits at a glance

    • Flexible data model makes it easy to expand the site structure
    • Template-based for a uniform and professional look
    • Intuitive site management with no programming knowledge required
    • Comprehensive content elements (text, images, products, video, slideshow, downloads)
    • News and career module
    • Blog and magazine module
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  • Feature overview

  • Information architecture and site settings

    • Information architecture display 
    • Add new main pages via category management
    • Add, edit and delete individual pages
    • Activation/deactivation and visibility of individual pages
    • Content page settings

    Activation/deactivation and configuration of visibility

    • Add, edit and delete content elements
    • Automatic and manual SEO URL
    • Meta description and meta keywords
    • Language version management
    • Validity period
    • Draft/publish logic
    • Page preview

    Content modules

    • Text module (formattable with rich text editor)
    • Image module (automatic resizing, formattable)
    • Image/text module (automatic resizing, formattable)
    • Product module (manual allocation or display of category, formattable)
    • Video module (internal or integrated via external platforms such as YouTube/Vimeo)
    • Slideshow module (automatic resizing, formattable)
    • Document module (integration of variable files)
    • News and career module (overview and detailed page)
    • Blog and magazine module (overview and detailed page)


    • Latest OXID Enterprise Edition; OXID PE 4.7 or higher depending on workload (configurations may need to be adjusted)
    • OXID maintenance contract and superReal support contract
    • Content structures covered by existing CMS elements

    Update guarantee and updates

    Updates are available to improve modules’ operability, reliability and range of functions. All updates are provided by superReal in the form of hotfixes, patches, updates and upgrades and installed in the store system.

    Individual extensions

    sR CMS can be individually adapted and expanded. superReal would be happy to analyse the required scope of any adaptations.

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