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  • The use of the open source technology Elasticsearch significantly improves the performance of the store.

  • sR Performance

  • sR Performance improves the performance and set-up speed of list views.

    By using the Elasticsearch software technology, large quantities of data can be indexed and searched more quickly than with conventional relational databases. In additional to increased speed, there are also more filtering and listing options than in the OXID standard version, including multiselect and the use of all attributes, variant information and category classifications as filter criteria.

    In addition, any desired category-dependent filter can be defined for an optimum presentation of the special features of particular product ranges. Information on variants in different sizes and colours can also be directly presented with the product on the list.

  • oci_sR_Performance-l.png


  • Benefits at a glance

    • Performance gain for filtered list views
    • Multiselect filter (global and category-dependent)
    • Attribute and variant information and category classification of products can be used in parallel/on an equal basis as a filter
    • Variant information directly available in product slots
    • Multilingualism and multi-client functionality supported
    • Scalable (load distribution on various servers)
    • Fall-back to OXID standard list view in case of server outage


    • Latest OXID Enterprise Edition; OXID PE 4.7 or higher depending on workload (configurations may need to be adjusted)
    • Elasticsearch instance (version 0.90.x or higher)
    • OXID maintenance contract and superReal support contract
    • In accordance with the OXID standard data model, filter information can be extracted from attribute and variant information and category classifications

    Update guarantee and updates

    Updates are available to improve modules’ operability, reliability and range of functions. All updates are provided by superReal in the form of hotfixes, patches, updates and upgrades and installed in the store system.

    Individual extensions

    sR Performance can be individually adapted and expanded. superReal would be happy to analyse the required scope of any adaptations.

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