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  • sR Store Finder

    With sR Store Finder, users can find branches or retailers and POS information can be displayed.

    sR Store Finder is based on Google Maps. Contact details and information on opening hours, payment methods and available product ranges can be placed with search results. In addition, individual content pages can optionally be displayed for each retailer.

    Retailer details can initially be imported via a CSV file and then managed at any time via the OXID administration system. The geocoordinates required for display on the map can be automatically generated on the basis of the retailer address.

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  • Benefits at a glance

    • Search for brick-and-mortar retailers in a particular area, based on Google Maps
    • Displays comprehensive information (address, contact details, opening hours, payment methods, product ranges/services)
    • Detailed retailer pages can be linked
    • Initial import of retailer details
    • Automatic GeoIP generation for retailer addresses


    • Latest OXID Enterprise Edition; OXID PE 4.7 or higher depending on workload (configurations may need to be adjusted)
    • OXID maintenance contract and superReal support contract

    Update guarantee and updates

    Updates are available to improve modules’ operability, reliability and range of functions. All updates are provided by superReal in the form of hotfixes, patches, updates and upgrades and installed in the store system.

    Individual extensions

    sR Store Finder can be individually adapted and expanded. superReal would be happy to analyse the required scope of any adaptations.

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